Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Time flies - catching up

I promised to show you where I bought the fabrics for my Sunshine Frolics border:-)



Lapp-Elisa’s shop in Sweden :-)

The shop owner Elisabeth is Norwegian, and the shop is situated  not far from the Norwegian  Swedish border, on the Swedish side.
Nothing is like an impromptu trip in the middle of summer!

The shop is in the old barn house on an old former vicarage where Elisabeth lives - very picturesque  :-)



We were not the only customers and Elisabeth was very busy at the cutting table.



The shop is very well stocked with goods of all kinds - on the shelves, under the shelves and over the shelves - not a square inch left unused :-)

Here you see Bente’s hexagon top on the top of the bargain table.

And here is my friend Bente (no blog) enjoying the patterns :-)

When we were driving it was raining, but the rain stopped, so we could enjoy our lunch outdoors, by the water, with a well stocked picnic basket.


As we would write in our school papers ages ago - we all agreed it has been a lovely day :-)

And what did I buy, except the lovely border fabrics:

Closeup of the goodies:

Fabrics for my next big quilt, 1/2 meter cuts, a lovely roll of 5” cuts, a pattern, a booklet and a rainbow of buttons in a beautiful box  :-)



Stina said...

Ahhh.. den ser helt underbar ut... önskar jag bodde nära ... fastän jag bor i Sverige ..så har du närmare..*S*

May Britt said...

Next time I will join you!!!!!!!!!

Satu said...

It's nice to see 'alive' the place of Lapp-Elisa. I'm the regular customer in her shop on the net.