Monday, June 01, 2015

Decorating with quilts

Maybe you remember how my old Quilt Corner looked like,
with a big desk on the wall to the left ?
The old Quilt Corner was a corner in my living room -
now it is our favourite relax spot in the house - one chair for each of us.
Dear husband has his computer and his computer stuff near - like in under the table.
I have my sewing box and good light for hand work.

We change the quilt on the wall every so often. Right now Gossip In the Garden is the eye catcher of the living room :-)

I have had so much fun making this quilt and it has also been a great lesson in patience  :-)
The top was made in 8 weeks - and Merete did a great job on the machine quilting!

I love the concept of focus project - I just need to keep on practising my focusing!

I have promised myself to be better at making labels for my big quilts too - here goes:

Friday, May 29, 2015

Daily threads

The hand quilting is coming along -  and it is nice to sit down for a little while every day, doing some threads.
Not that I was ever doubting the effect of the daily thread, but still I am amazed of how much I can get done with not to much daily effort.

 2 weeks, and the hand quilting has gone from approximately 1/5 done, to approximately 3/4 done! Go me!

(writing with the computer mouse did not do much good for my hand style)

The scrap flowers are coming along too - sort of by a daily thread as well. I need to find some more scraps - maybe from another colour section, to add more fun   :-)

Friday, May 22, 2015

From gravel to gems


I am very seldom throwing out scraps, as I love my fabrics very much, and always think I can use the smallest scraps for something.
I often feel I am moving these scraps around and around and around in the Quilt Corner, not really using them much - does it sound familiar to you too ?
Cutting the smaller scraps does take both time and patience......

As I am exercising patience these days, I thought I could make some hexie flowers, using English Paper Piecing, and since most of my scraps are on the smaller side, it is easier to cut by using a pencil and scissors than using a rotary cutter, to make the most use of the fabrics.

Once I got started I so enjoyed the process!


Hexagon flowers are nice as a grab-and-go project.
So far, not much of a dent in my scraps, but a lovely time is had, with coffee and an audio book on the side.
I love the look of how the colours and prints work together :-)

I think I have to sort through all my EPP templates one more time, to see if I can locate some more 3/4" paper templates.

happy friday


Thursday, May 21, 2015

More applique passion :-)



After being done with the Gossip In the Garden quilt, I just had to keep on keeping on with the applique and it has been a lovely time doing these blocks from Natures Journey.
No one is in doubt anymore I guess - I love Anni Downs' designs :-)


I bought this lovely bundle of fabrics from Kathrines Quilte Stue in Oslo.
I have used some from it, and a lot from my own fabric collection, getting the feel I love the most.




Gossip In the Garden


Gossip In the Garden is back from my machine quilter - and I love the finished result :-)
I have not yet done the binding, but is will be done shortly.

Merete at has done a magnificent job with the quilting and I can not wait to get this quilt on the wall!

It took me 8 weeks to piece and applique this quit from A to Z - and I had so much fun!
I used the fabrics I like the best, from my own fabric collection.

I have developed a passion for hand applique, thanks to good tools, like Helen Stubbings' applique paper + Sewline glue stick + Roxanne applique glue.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hand quilting fun!


I did not expect to have such fun with this old Ufo, doing only a few threads a day!
I love how the fan hand quilting is turning a rather simple layout into a treasure!


Going through every box, drawer and bag - this is my hand quilting thread collection - amongst it even 3 spools of the mauve thread I was so afraid of having lost...........
Oh my - I see some serious hand quilting in my future - like elephant snacks - a little a day.
No need to buy any thread........ :-)



Yli is my favourite hand quilting thread brand, and now ALL my spools of hand quilting thread is in ONE box. I will do my best to keep it like that - yes, I am a tad disorganized at times  :-)

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday,
wherever you are!


Monday, May 18, 2015

How to eat an elephant


This quilt has been like an elephant in the room for quite some time, and it is the reason I signed it up for my guild's Ufo challenge, finished by first Wednesday in September.

Many many  moons ago, I swapped Jane Stickle blocks with a dear friend - we each made 2 every month, keeping one, sending one off across the ocean.

As much as I loved the blocks, it took some time to find a good fabric for the spacer blocks, and next to find a good border fabric.
The autumn palette is not the closest to my heart, but I like the way it turned out.

Fearless, I started marking the fans for hand quilting, and started doing the with a fabulous mauve hand quilting thread.
Well - my shoulders did not like the hand quilting process much, and the quilt was abandoned after just a few fans done, only to be moved around in my sewing room again and again and again.


Remember, I am practising patience - so I decided a daily nibble of the elephant will eventually do the trick.
When I pulled the quilt out, I really had to do a thorough search to find my hand quilting thread, which was put in a very clever place - not - in a box in the back of a closet - and not together with my other hand quilting thread. I wonder what made me put it there........

The mauve thread colour has been discontinued so it was a question of do or die.
It was not a good option to pull the already done hand quilting out..........even if it was only about 1/5 of the quilt then.


2015-05-15 07.31.08

The tools are out, the marking is progressing - I am marking only one small section at a time, as the chalk is coming out with to much marking all at once.

The thimble is great - thimbles2fit - and the rhythm of hand quilting is coming back.
I have found that my sewing table in the Quilt Corner and the kitchen table has just the right height to support my work nicely.

Hopefully finished in a couple of weeks ??


- Wishing you a good Monday -


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Constitution Day!


Norway is celebrating its Constitution Day today, and true to tradition we hang our flags outdoors.



It is always fun to dress in my special National Costume for 17. May.
I have done all the embroideries and sewing myself, which makes this costume even more special to me.
I am contemplating making a cape for next 17. May, as these days in May can be both cold and wet, like today.


The table topper in the first photo is my latest Ufo finish, finished last night, and very nice to put on the table for today.

2015-05-17 09.29.40

This cute table topper measures 27,5" and I have used fabrics from my fabric collection
It is machine pieced, in good time before Christmas 2014, but got put to the side - reason forgotten.
I used a piece of cotton batting - Quilters Dream Request - and I think I like the results....
It shrunk a tiny bit, so the machine quilting sort of sunk in, and has overall a softer look than the polyester, "dead", thin batting I usually uses for table toppers and table runners.

2015-05-15 20.06.11

2015-05-17 09.32.01

I hope you had a lovely day, wherever you are!


Monday, May 11, 2015

A quilter learning new skills


The first Ufo of 5 is done - and I am doing a happy dance!

I have done these stars without a pattern, with a regular ruler, and the photo below is my inspiration - 2 old quilts in an old book I bought on EBay a few years back :-)

It was fun to do the math and it was fun to make the blocks with simple tools.
I know how it became an Ufo, as my mind was already moving on when I had joined the blocks.......

I think the skill that I am working on right now is to have patience to see a project to the finish line - at least more often than before ;-)
The feeling of having a finish can not be beaten by anything!




Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


Friday, May 08, 2015

I love my Ufos!


I love my Ufos so much that I have pulled out 5, to finish them, to love them more, as finishes :-)
That is my story, come rain or shine!

From left to right - a small Jane Stickle quilt - needs hand quilting
                           a stitchery from a wall hanging project that will not be done
                           a table cloth in process
                            My first stitchery - a small table topper maybe
                           a coin purse - needs the closing mechanism done + embellishment ?


As you see I have a stack of Ufos in boxes.
Ufos are like cold coffee - it tastes coffee, but it does not really hit the spot!

I like all my projects (I think), so I will rather finish a few and enjoy them as finished objects, to brighten my day in everyday use or as gifts, rather than as a stack of boxes.

My goal for the summer is to finish the 5 Ufos on the table above.

go with all your heart


Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to make a full Gossip in the Garden quilt top in 8 weeks


Ingredients needed:
A wish to see the quilt top done, a plan, daily action, a lot of coffee and a rather distant relationship with my sewing machine these days.


For 8 weeks this was the only project I was working on!
I am known as one who juggles many projects at once, but I was drawn to be quite introvert and work on this quilt only, for as long as it took.

This quilt has all I want for the time being - some English paper piecing, some stitchery and a lot of applique, so I could easily switch between what suited my daily urge.

Some sewing machine work was done too, but not very much - the stars, some blocks and the final joining of blocks and borders.

I have been working from my own fabric collection and have had a lovely time picking what fabrics to use. It takes more time than to work from a kit, but I do enjoy the process more this way.

Originally I started the first block of this quilt in September 2014, choosing fabrics to match the original pattern, but it did not sit with my taste at all, so this third start did the trick - yes, I tried a second time too, with nothing to show for it....
I have a small pile of reject blocks from the first 2 starts that will finally be worked into something else. I will not show them to you!



The last couple of days of this project went rather fast - full speed forward - and it finished fairly fast once I started putting the blocks together, in spite of all the partial seams and inset blocks.
The quilt is now at my machine quilter Merete Ellingsen for the final touch.



Pink flowers and insects greeting card