Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy moment

2015-07-17 15.31.24

We have not had the best of summers here in Norway, with a lot of rain and cold weather, so every time I have the chance I just grab some hand work and sit outdoors.

This was on Friday, and dear husband served us a tall glass of bubbles. We had a good time out in the sun.

I remember only to well summers in the past when I have been 100 % house bound for health reasons, so you will hear me sing, come rain or shine -
rain does not bother me much anymore,
as long as I feel good and can come and go out of my house as I like!

It is always good sewing weather, right?

PS - I am already saving for our next trip to Turkey - next year :-)

blessings mouse


Times flies so fast


Time flies so fast when I am having fun :-)
It is like an energy boost to pick what blocks to do next and what colours to put in to the mix.




time flies


Thursday, July 16, 2015

More blocks


Cups of coffee, audio books, needle and thread - life is good!



makes your  heart sing


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Block meditation


Working on these blocks gives me a good flow feeling - quite meditative really.

I am not preparing a lot in advance, as that is not how my mind works.
I like to follow through one block at a time - picking what block to work on, picking fabric, cutting pieces and / or preparing the applique, doing the work, getting the good feeling of accomplishment.
I see each block as a project - this quilt has 121 project in the mid section + borders.
Should keep me busy for quite a while :-)




Wishing you a wonderful day!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Never a dull moment!


I am never bored, and I wish I could have more hours to a day -
so many blocks to make, so many lovely patterns to use, so many quilty dreams!

I am doing the blocks of this quilt in no particular order, bingo style, just like i love it the best!
Whatever block catching my eyes is the block of the day.






I try my very best to work from fabric collection 99 % of the time,
and this was a 1 % moment, as I needed some fabric inspiration last week - a nice bundle of fat 8's from my local shop Trådsnella :-)

Speaking of shops  - Lappemakeriet in Norway now carry the Block Of the Month patterns for The Stonefields Quilt, in case you live in Norway, want to shop locally, and  want to be quilt block crazy with me too.
No affiliation - I just know they are a nice shop and have just started this BOM program. 
The more quilters having fun around the globe, the merrier :-)


Stay tuned for more blocks shortly!


Monday, July 13, 2015

More blocks :-)


I have so much fun picking the fabrics for my blocks :-)
I am working from what I have here in Quilt Corner, and it is a good feeling to use from my treasures while they are precious and not feel out-dated.





Friday, July 10, 2015

The Stonefields quilt block passion


If you have known me for a while, you will know that block based quilts makes my heart sing :-)
It is my passion, my drive, my kind of fun!

The Stonefields Quilt is a 10 month BOM, and I had been drooling over it for a while before I took the step and ordered it from Amaryllis Lifestyle in the Netherlands.
Thank you Coriene, for excellent service and friendly mails - very much appreciated! :-)


I am doing this quilt in my usual whimsical way - picking blocks here and there and using my most beloved fabric treasures.

I love thumbing the patterns and choosing what blocks to do next!


my soul is fed



Thursday, July 09, 2015

One can never have to many


Especially in summer, one can never have to many pouches - for sewing tools, for toiletries, for computer cords and what not.
Making these was great fun - and I will make more :-)



Handles are always handy!


Yes, I am carpet bombing my blog with new posts today :-)

I am recognizing the worst enemy when it comes to my blogging, which is Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is often disturbed by this and that, like trips,  nice visits, being lost in Quilt Corner and having to deal with health issues and  life in general.
My new Tomorrow is Today :-)

Plan A motivation


Kaffe Fassett - 50 years in colour


June 1st, my youngest daughter, a good friend and myself visited Kaffe Fassett's anniversary exhibition at Hadeland Glassverk.

It was a treat indeed - knitting, embroideries, paintings  and quilts - colours, textures and a magnificent exhibition in every way.

If you have the chance, it is open another month, until 16. August.

Some of my favourites:


Embroidered shoes anyone ?












When I was in Nantes, France, 2 years ago, I actually watched Kaffe Fassett start this peacock embroidery. It was fun to see it again, not yet finished though.
It is good to see even a great artist has Work In Slow Progress!

We spent the whole day at Hadeland Glassverk - also visiting the shops, seeing glass being made by hand and mouth + visiting the historic glass exhibition.




Contemporary glass art from the 50's - and it is still good :-)
In fact I own one of those green bowls ( the one in the back corner ).


We all agreed - a lovely day was had by all!



Knitting in progress - and not!


When I was younger and had young children I used to knit a lot, hats, mittens, scarfs, socks, wool pants and sweaters, both for my own children, for myself and for gifts.

I gave up knitting bigger things many years ago, as I do not have arms and shoulders for that kind of work anymore.


A couple of years back knitting washcloths and dishcloths became popular here, and I find it both fun and relaxing to do in between. They are very useful too, and make good gifts as well.
I have shopped for a small stash of cotton knitting yarn for the dishcloths - it is the top photo.

Well - sometimes I have the memory span of a mosquito, and I started a sweater for myself for the first time in 10-15 years, a couple of weeks back.
I also had forgot how much movement you need to use to do bigger things, and I had also forgot how much my arms hate that kind of movement and static weight ......


Feel free to laugh - it is on me :-) :-)

First I did not like the colour combination - I changed from the green yarn to purple yarn -  next I did not like the double thread knitting and the fish net pattern - next I misplaced the whole thing and "forgot" all about it!


Today I un-knitted the whole mess and now have another yarn stash for my dishcloths.
I am not making Ufos anymore!
It is a good thing I was knitting in cotton :-)


go with all your heart



Norwegian summer

2015-06-17 14.46.09

Coming home to around 10 degrees C - brrrrr - it was cold, after having had 2 whole weeks of sun and warm weather.
3 days after we returned home we drove to Trondheim (mid-Norway)  to bring home our youngest student daughter and all her belongings.
She now has a degree in Interior Design after 2 years of studying and is currently applying for a full time job.
We are crossing our fingers that she gets a nice job soon.

2015-06-20 08.49.49

On our way south again, we had a nice visit with family up at the west coast.
I love the view from their balcony - the mountains and the fjord.


2015-06-20 08.52.51

My hexagon box has been travelling a lot lately - a stitch here and a stitch there adds up :-)


2015-06-21 00.00.54

On Saturday night up on the west coast we attended a Country Rock concert by a famous Norwegian group called DDE.
See the midnight sky?
The light summer nights is one of the reasons we endure the long, dark winter in this country!

2015-06-21 00.23.442015-06-21 00.23.50

More beautiful midnight sky :-)