Friday, February 09, 2018

Happy Olympic Games 2018!


The 2018 Olympic Games has begun - and even if I am not super interested in sports, it will be nice to watch and stitch at the same time!

My Kathy Schmitz stitcheries are coming along, and I am so happy with my choice of colours  - the white on white fabric looks very nice with the black embroidery floss.

One of my Olympic Games goals is to finish this stitchery :-)


Wishing you a lovely weekend,
wherever you are!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I will watch some of it but not all of it - but I do love the skating and skiing most

Ondrea said...

Love your stitchery. I rather like the winter olympics yet I have no interest in the other olympics at all. Enjoy while you stitch. Hope you are well.

Little Penpen said...

What a perfect thing to do while watching the olympics. I watched the opening ceremonies last night and hope to catch all the pretty skaters, etc.

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

I'm enjoying my stitching time during the Olympics, too. Pretty little stitchery by Ms Kathy.