Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy moment

2015-07-17 15.31.24

We have not had the best of summers here in Norway, with a lot of rain and cold weather, so every time I have the chance I just grab some hand work and sit outdoors.

This was on Friday, and dear husband served us a tall glass of bubbles. We had a good time out in the sun.

I remember only to well summers in the past when I have been 100 % house bound for health reasons, so you will hear me sing, come rain or shine -
rain does not bother me much anymore,
as long as I feel good and can come and go out of my house as I like!

It is always good sewing weather, right?

PS - I am already saving for our next trip to Turkey - next year :-)

blessings mouse



Leeanne said...

Lovely sewing spot, I like the 'counting your blessings' true. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ondrea said...

It is good to know that you are sewing and enjoying the weather especially with a glass of bubbles. I enjoyed heat waves in Paris and London recently, so where is yours?

Med kjæleik til livet said...

kor flink du er --- her går det i kluter innemellom litt anna fjas og vas ;)

koselig å hilsse på -- monikaklemma

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we have to take days out in the sunshine while we can if we are mainly have bad weather - enjoy the sun!!

Mary Truax said...

What a beautiful day to do some stitching. Glad you are feeling well.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Hanne,
your Stonefield blocks are just gorgeous.
You are stitching them in no time. Wonderful fabrics and color combinations.

Katie said...

Glad you are feeling so well. You made me smile and think about what I should do with my day. Of course I’m complaining about the heat, mosquitoes and yet another severe thunderstorm warning. I guess I should go sew! :-)

carina said...

Hai i found you ... Looking from one blog to an other:) i love your stonefield bloks beautiful.