Monday, May 11, 2015

A quilter learning new skills


The first Ufo of 5 is done - and I am doing a happy dance!

I have done these stars without a pattern, with a regular ruler, and the photo below is my inspiration - 2 old quilts in an old book I bought on EBay a few years back :-)

It was fun to do the math and it was fun to make the blocks with simple tools.
I know how it became an Ufo, as my mind was already moving on when I had joined the blocks.......

I think the skill that I am working on right now is to have patience to see a project to the finish line - at least more often than before ;-)
The feeling of having a finish can not be beaten by anything!




Wishing you a wonderful Monday!



Sandra @SewofCourse said...

No wonder you're doing a happy dance, this project is gorgeous! And nothing beats the good feeling of a finish, thanks for the reminder ;-)

Flickenstichlerin said...

This is beuatiful,
how wonderfully done. Congratulations on the finish.

Verna Groger said...

What incredible piecing! I wonder if you might consider doing a tutorial on this?


Du lager så mye fint og spennende, Hanne!

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Hanne! What beautiful work and you have chosen such lovely colours! :) x

Ondrea said...

That really is lovely. I bet you are proud of yourself.

suz said...

no wonder you are doing a happy dance! this is wonderful!

LuAnn said...

Beautiful. Also love the way you are working on your UFOs in the post before. Beautiful projects you have going on Hanne.