Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Multitasking under a quilt

2015-02-03 16.59.28

It is nice to sit under a quilt when it is a bit cold in my house and the world is white outdoors.
I am working on some stitchery, and I am doing some hand piecing, and in between I am enjoying some crochet and knitting too.

2015-02-03 16.47.35
I have had fun making these double yarn double layers potholders in some cotton yarn I bought in Turkey a couple of years back. It did not really fit for what I intended it too, but it was fun to make these, all from yarn stash, which by the way is shrinking fast.
Using my lovely buttons just adds to the good feeling :-)

2015-02-03 17.00.21

I love to bake and these potholders are perfect for handling bread, rolls and buns out of the oven.!




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Ondrea said...

Those pot holders are rather nice. Good to see you doing some crocheting. It must be awfully cold out there. Keep snug.

Chantal said...

Pretty potholders Hanne! They are so useful and fun to make too.