Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hand Sewing Fun


Some new fabrics from my local shop Trådsnella and Kathrines Quilte Stue + a recently bought pattern from Trådsnella, containing both stitchery and English Paper Piecing  - Edelweiss from Helen Stubbings + some paper pieces for English Paper Piecing is on my table today.
I also have a BIG  pile of hand work Ufos that will get attention while I give the sewing machine a rest ordered by my doctor.

Tour de Fibre 2014 is also coming up shortly and hand work is great during summer and also while watching TV.
It is time to start planning for this year’s Tour de Fibre!
It will be running from Saturday July 5th to Sunday July 27th 2014, along with the famous bike race Tour de France. Join in the fun if you like :-)

I am very happy to be a quilter with many skills so I always can adjust what I am doing to what fits into my life  :-)


This is Marianne at Trådsnella’s Edelweiss quilt, pieced and stitched by Marianne’s skilled mother and beautifully quilted by Merete at

It is my inspiration to get some of my hand work Ufos done so I can start this one!


Do  you have this pattern too ? Maybe we could do it together ?



The angel table topper is coming along too – I like to stitch the angels – it is a little like having guardian angels on duty.

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Liven said...

å,å,å - det er så mye fint, synd en ikke rekker å ta tak i alle nye mønster. Lykke til med dine prosjekter - jeg holder meg i UFO-land. Klem!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the stitchery mixed with the hexagons - what pattern is that? good to be able to do both machine and hand work isn't it.

Christine Barnsley said...

What a beautiful quilt! :)

Annelein said...

Just love the colours of the fabrics.

margaret said...

a lovely collection of fabrics. here in Yorkshire we are looking forward to the tour de france, our MQG have been askd to make things based on a wheel to go on display whilst the tour is on, needless to say have done nothing yet!

Marie Claude Sulpice said...

Je n'ai pas ce modèle mais je peux essayer de m'en inspirer ..très impatiente de voir le TOUR DE FRANCE surtout qu'il part du Yokshire et que c'est une région que j'aime beaucoup ou j'ai eu la chance d'aller plusieurs fois .
merci pour le partage de toutes ces belles choses Hanne

Ondrea said...

Such lovely fabrics and lovely project. Love the stitcheries and hexies. Enjoy.

Elins systue said...

Tittet innom. Mye fint å se her

TLC said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful Edelweiss quilt. My favorite flower & song.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


May Britt said...

Jeg er med på TdF i år også vet du :) Selv om jeg er på jobb så skal jeg vel få tid til litt sying. Har ihvertfall nok å ta av. Kanskje få ferdig noen ufoer :)

Blodwyninexile said...

Hello Hanne my friend!
You well know my love of hexagons, they are something I can actually manage to sew! I seem to have lost my crafting inclination but YES I will look out some fabrics today and start some hexies to do a similar thing!

Sylvan Woman said...

The fabrics are so delicate and lovely. I am eager for the Tour to begin!

Grethe said...

Gleder meg til YdF, jeg er nesten klar med forberedelsene! UFOs er det nok av, så et riktig valg er viktig . Vakker hexagon quilt, Hanne :-)