Sunday, February 09, 2014

Paying it forward

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Most quilters I know have to much a lot of fabrics, myself very much included.
Some of the fabrics I love so much more than others, and the older or not so loved fabrics are stuffed in boxes and drawers.

Well – once I start pulling out the not so loved fabrics I have fun matching them and sewing them into something too, especially as it makes room for new love in fabrics ;-)

I have had a passion for making care quilts / charity quilts for many years, but I do not have the physically strength to quilt them myself anymore, like I used to do.

Luckily for me I have found someone who can take my tops
and turn them into quilts for children with cancer and other long term diseases,
so I will continue making some tops every now and then, not giving the rest of the process a second thought.
It is up to the next person in line to choose backing fabric and quilting.

tsv 2

I do enjoy making these 1600” quilts – HERE is the instruction on YouTube.
I use around 3 hours on a top, cutting fabrics included.

tsv 3

I am cutting my own strips in all lengths from stash - as long as the final strip measures about 1600”, I am happy.

These strip quilts are like sweets, it is hard to stop making them.


I started to sort in my green drawer and thought what I pulled out would make a difference. Well – it was more like the fabrics in the drawer was exhaling and filled the void in a second flat – no visible difference…….


Saturday morning I baked a batch of wheat buns, folded my quilt tops and a few fabrics for backings.
Both my guilds were having sew-together for care quilts, but I had to choose which one to visit so my quilt tops could be handed over to someone who can quilt for me.

The buns tasted lovely with a cup of coffee :-)


I like the thought of paying it forward, and this is my contribution, as a thank you for the urge to create, for fabrics in my drawers, for the joy of quilting.

May the quilts warm someone in need where they come.




Christine Barnsley said...

What a lovely idea and what fabulous quilt tops. I like them both very much. Great for using up some of your stash too! :)

May Britt said...

Great pay it forward projects.

Susan said...

Great projects. I think your process is good too, and wonderful that you have found someone to do the quilting. As a hand quilter I need to find someone who will machine quilt my care quilts too.

margaret said...

what a generous thing you are doing here, gives me an idea as my daughter Helen is about to start nursing at the local hospice and I would love to support them in some way and maybe lap quilts etc are the way forward