Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Sunday in Advent


The last gifts are done – these 2 makeup purses are 7” wide and 6” high.
DH is wrapping them right now.


The last Advent Sunday calendar gift has been opened.
Thanks May Britt – for the lovely gift today, and for all the fun through the Advent time!


engel hjerte_thumb


Yesterday was winter solstice, the shortest day of the year,
and this photo of the blue hour is from 4 pm.


This is the most we see of the sun at this time of year, just “rolling” over the roof on the house next to ours. In a month’s time we will see a difference.


While sewing today I enjoyed the sweet in this little gift box I got at Lollys in Shipshewana in November. I absolutely Love peppermint sticks.



Miss Cat thinks it is time to relax for all now, and she is quoting the box from Lollys:

Happy Holidays!
We trust that
Peace, Joy & Love
will fill your hearts and homes!





We light four candles tonight
and let them all burn down.
For longing, joy, hope and peace
but most of all for peace on this little earth
where people live.



Susan said...

Sweet little pouches. I can hardly imagine what it must be like to have snow on the ground and such short daylight hours. I am sure you are looking forward to seeing some more of the sun.

margaret said...

peace, joy and love coming from the UK to you and yours, lovely wishes you have sent. Purses very sweet and as for your furry friend, he is adorable and a real poser

Ondrea said...

Those little pouches are so lovely. I love your cat. So cute! May you have a wonderful Christmas with an abundance of all good things in the New Year. Our Christmas here in Australia is supposed to be hot but here in the state of Victoria we haven't had a lot of heat so far.

Med kjæleik til livet said...

god jul til deg og dine ...
Her blir det først litt fjøs også litt julekos ;)


Quiltefeen said...

Så mye flott du lager! :) likte de hjertepungene veldig godt.
Jeg falt også veldig for den nydelige pusen din, så koselig at den er med på sytingen, hehe :) Jeg legger meg til som følger, jeg.. Alltid koselig når jeg finner nye inspirerende blogger :-D
Ønsker deg en riktig god jul og et godt nytt år.
Klem, Kristin

Little Penpen said...

The pic's of the cats had me scratching my head for a minute. The one cat's tail was under the other cat's head, making it look like a wig of some sort. ha ha... love the pic's. Merry Christmas!!!

Little Penpen said...

Ok, the joke is on me! I now see there is only one cat... ha ha! I thought its little foot was another face!!