Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stitch by stitch

P1000289Stitch by stitch, the quilt top is coming along – not very fast, but slow and steady.
The filler blocks with all the small squares takes some time to do, as i am cutting from my scraps, but I think they look good, and I am trying to balance the colours too.

The chair block in the right row lacks the stitchery text, and I still miss 3 quite work intensive applique blocks ( I guess that is why I miss them……. )

My plan for the upcoming week is to give this quilt top at least 1 hour attention every day – in average.
I do NEED the light fabric for something else that I can not get done before this top is done – remember, Catch 22 ;-)

The very good thing is that the more I do on this quilt top, the more inspired I am to get it done. I really really like the design and it will look nice and the right kind of whimsical once it is done :-)




small steps



Dolores said...

Slow and steady will definitely see lots of progress on this quilt and before you know it, the top will be complete.

Grit said...

Looks so wonderful so far.

Susan said...

It really is a lovely design, and yours is coming along beautifully. Great fabric selections.

Grethe said...

Dette blir vakkert,
flott å se, lykke til videre med SKoW, Hanne:-)

Tatkis said...

You are doing great! Big progress!