Monday, July 01, 2013

Tour de Fibre pit stop at Trådsnella :-)

P1080712I have been thinking hard about which fabric to use for the border for this table topper, and I decided to bring the project to Trådsnella, my local shop in Lørenskog, and get some help from Marianne.
I found a good fabric, with the help of DD1 and Marianne :-)

Marianne always has temptations in the shop:

P1080715P1080716P1080717P1080719P1080720P1080721P1080722P1080723P1080724I am so happy I have this shop close to my home.
Marianne does mail order too, in case you see something you like.
I always find something here :-)




May Britt said...

Lots of temptations in this shop!!!

Ondrea said...

Oooo that is a lovely shop! I love that table topper and look forward to seeing it completed.

Ulla said...

What a great shop! said...

Viktig med påfyll om man skal holde en hel Tour! Lykke til med neste etappe

Eirin H said...

For en flott topp! Gleder meg til å se den ferdig!

Tatkis said...

Fantastic shop! I could have stayed there forever :))


Ineke van den Akker said...

Beautiful fabrics. Love them!