Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ufo progress


Ufo # 2, 3 and 4 are done :-)

P1080653This meshwork piece has been in my basket for a long time now.
I learned to do meshwork many years ago, by Mia, and it is fun, but I am not so good at using what I have made.P1080654DSisIL’s birthday is coming up on Sunday and I decided to make her a makeup purse and a cover for her phone.
The set turned out great, in my own not so humble opinion. I hope she likes it too!


Care quilt needing binding – done!


I like how the backs of these quilts turned out, like double sided quilts.


Another care quilt needing binding – done!

P1080635The purple binding looks good with this backing style.


P1080657I have the back bone of a jelly fish!
I said 5 Ufo finishes before starting something new, didn’t I ??

Well, well – 4 had to do – I needed something super easy and super relaxing this morning, and this pre-printed Christmas design I have had for several years.
It was a Christmas gift from May Britt – and this Christmas it will be done and decorating my home :-)




Susan said...

Great UFO progress. Someone will be very happy to receive your care quilts.

May Britt said...

Den lille pungen ble jo kjempefin :) Du er godt i gang med ufoene dine, jeg henger laaaaaaaangt etter. Håper på litt mer sytid i helga :)

Ulla said...

Well done with so many UFO's. The meshwork looks great in your cololurs.

Ondrea said...

Well done! I love the mesh work although I thought at first that it was tumbling blocks. The care quilts are really lovely.

Sølvis blog said...

Så fint det ble med å bruke resten fra forsiden til en effektstripe på baksiden av quilten.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I like how you put your meshwork to use - great presents! The extra piecing of the back side of the quilts really does give you a reversible quilt! Looks very nice! Cheers! Evelyn

TLC said...

You make the cutest bags!

Tatkis said...

Both quilts are lovely, but your pouches are soooo cute and elegant!