Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some progress

P1070866All my Life is Beautiful stitcheries are done!


It really felt strange to put the last stitchery stitch into the last stitchery, as the project has been a good friend for mornings and travels through the last year.


These Dresden flower blocks has been my hand work yesterday and today – not the piecing but the applique. I need to find a nice circle fabric  - I think something red will look good on these flower.





TLC said...

Your Life Is beautiful is beyond beautiful!. I just stitched up #24 today. I'm planning on 30 in a 5 x 6 layout. This morning I cut squares to frame the stitcheries.
BTW I'm laughing just because you said don't laugh. ;-) Enjoy your goodies!

May Britt said...

Så fine Life is beautiful blokkene dine er. Godt jobba.

Susan said...

Your stitcheries are beautiful. I think a nice red centre would look lovely on your flowers.

Gudveig HN said...

Nydelige broderier og blokker.... og så mange! Lykke til med sammensyingen :-)

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Nydelige blokker, både LiF og DP. Med din fart er din LiF ferdig lenge før min! Og jeg er i gang med Quiltingen...

Ondrea said...

I absolutely LOVE those stitcheries and the Dresdens are also beautiful. Can't wait to see them all made.