Monday, September 10, 2012

One stitch at a time

P1060990One more block for Some Kind of Wonderful quilt done!

P1060988The next block is in the making.


A stitch in time saves nine
(if you take care of a problem while it's small you won't have a bigger problem to deal with later)
as Dr. Who likes to say: A stitch in time takes up space!



Susan said...

I think that block is my favourite so far. Your rainbow looks perfect. Even the wrong sides of the friends look good.

Roma said...

Hi Hanne, this is a test with your word process.. i do hope it is gone..
I just love your work..

Chookyblue...... said...

busy busy.........looks good..........

Houseelf said...

LOL at the Dr Who version. Love that saying ever since I read a book by that title by Penelope Lively as a child.

OO my fingers itch to start this quilt- you are really inspiring me. Your sewing is so lovely. It started with the red shoe block. Sadly I have the rest of the year timetabled with Christmas makings and Craft Olympics. It is in the growing list for next year.