Monday, May 28, 2012

Tour de Fibre 2012 - let the preparations begin!


Remember Tour de Fibre 2011 ?

Do you want to participate this year ?

Place: Wherever you sew
Time: June 30 - July 22 - just like Tour de France, the big bicycle race.

Goal: To have fun and move some projects forward.
Watching the bicycle race while sewing is optional :-)

You do not have to have a blog, but if you have somewhere to show photos, it just adds to the fun :-)
If you want, you can let me know you will participate, It is all up to you, as long as you have fun!

Challenge to self: Give these 4 projects the main focus from now through July 22!

Hexagons - no patterns, fabrics from my own fabric collection, 1,25" hexagons
Some Kind of Wonderful - online group BOM - from book, my own fabrics
Scandinavian Christmas - online group BOM - from Lynette Anderson pattern, my own fabrics
Life is Beautiful - Helen Stubbings (Hugs'n Kisses) book - my own fabrics.

I have been strong this year - not buying any BOM kits from any shops, just kept to patterns and books I already have in my own collection.


Throw your dreams into space like a kite,
and you do not know what it will bring back,
a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.
Anais Nin



May Britt said...

You know I am in :) Of course there has to be a Tour de Fibre this year too :)

quiltcat said...

oh, da bin ich auch gerne dabei, hoffe ich hab alles richtig verstanden. objekte liegen hier genügend .
schöne tage
lg elfriede

Hilde said...

Høres ut som en flott ide! Pleier jo å se på Tour de France, så jeg henger meg på Tour de Fibre :-)

Gudveig HN said...

Lykke til på 'touren' :-)

Susan said...

I have been careful to join few things this year. I am still trying to get settled in since we moved but this sounds like fun......

I too have a few projects to get finished....... And I have time to fine tune my choices.....

Count me in........

Anonymous said...

Jeg henger meg på i år også!Du skal få nærmere beskjed mht hvilke prosjekt som blir med på touren.
Hilde F.

Ulla said...

Perfect challenge for me, I'll be watching TdF with DH anyway, and sewing.

Yvonne W said...

I am doing the SKOW as part of the SAL group, and have a hexagon quilt which I have been doing for years. I have the Life is Beautiful pattern but I won't start it until after I finish the SKOW quilt. Can I join the Tour de Fibre and just do the SKOW and the hexagon quilt only?

Grethe said...

Henger meg på!Skal jo se TdF inni-mellom,så jeg blir med deg,Hanne:-)Spennende,jeg blogger snart om hvilke 4 prosjeter jeg syns passer bra utover sommeren... nok å ta av hos meg ... LOL.

SNOR said...

Hei Hanne.
Jeg blir med, skal bl a sy meg fra Hammerfest til Stamsund i begynnelsen av juli. Dette virker gøy.

quiltygal said...

This sounds like fun count me in !!! I'll have a think & decide what I can do Thanks for doing this xx
PS: can't say I'll watch the race as it's on here during the night :)

quiltygal said...

I'm in sounds like fun won't be watching the race as it's on here during the night :) off to see what I have to finish !! lots of course !!!

LeKaQuilt said...

Morsomt prosjekt! Og veldig gøy å følge med, selv om jeg ikke er med selv......har selvfølgelig ufo'er så før eller siden MÅ jeg bli med på ett slikt "ritt" :o)