Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up :-)


Last weekend in Bergen, at the NQF annual meeting, it was busy and fun.
I spent Friday with my DD1 - she is living in Bergen right now, and we had a great time.
First we visited a cupcake restaurant for lunch.

P1050626May Britt and DD1 met when we had a look around in the shop area, before going for dinner :-)


You know, I bought this kit from Quiltegården. Siw always has the very best kits :-)


Siw always has wonderful goods, a sparkling smile and a friendly word to everyone :-)

Some more quilts from Quiltegården's shop:



Merete does, as you already know, the very best long arm quilting :-)
She had a long arm machine for demonstrating next to Quiltegården's shop.

P1050664From Lappemor's shop:
Check her Some Kind of Wonderful!
Did I mention mine is on the back burner right now ……… Shhhh


Meet Nina, a former co worker from many years ago, and a lovely quilter :-)
She is now part owner of Lappestua


A lovely quilt from Lappestua:


A glimpse from Quiltefryd:P1050632P1050656

Beryl demonstrated a very clever ruler - and off course I bought it ;-)

Annequilten's shop:


A glimpse from Lappemakeriet - the quilt to the left is a true antique:


A glimpse from Quiltekroken:


After all that shop browsing DD1 and I visited a Japanese restaurant for a lovely meal - sushi and a very delicious dessert of mango with sweet rice.



There will be more - in another post :-)




Elin said...

Flotte bilete frå butikkane. Og av dottera di, eplet fell ikkje langt frå stammen, ho har det same gode smilet. Kult hår!

Siddis back home said...

Å, der var det mye fint. Skal si du har kost deg masse, ser herlig ut den sushi'en... nam...
Ha en flott førpåske uke hos deg.

Ulla said...

Quilting seems to be a big thing in Norway, so many exhibitors! I love the soft colours in these quilts.

Elisabeth said...

Det var så koselig når du kom på besøk. =D Savner egentlig det blå håret litt når jeg ser disse bildene...
Jaja, kanskje det blir lilla neste gangXP