Friday, August 05, 2011

Stars again

P1040610I am enjoying doing the stars!
I am trying to finish a couple of blocks every day, so I can be done with all the blocks very soon.
The sashing and cornerstones will arrive in about 10 days.


These 2 blocks were finished yesterday, and is in the 11 blocks photo above too.


This morning I was lacking 9 blocks altogether - 7 stars already done, 2 stars in pieces.


2 more block down this afternoon - 7 to go :-)

kopi_av_bord_hjerter_1180947159The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.



Hilde said...

Hei Hanne Syr du disse for hånd?
Hilsen Hilde på Frogner

Sharon said...

You will be finished before you know it! It will be so pretty!