Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tour de Fibres - Saturday

P1040409Today we visited a friend and celebrated her birthday at her family's cabin by the sea.
We had a lovely day and sat outside all day.

P1040412A few threads of crocheting was done outdoors in the sun, framing some of the blue blocks. Now I have only 2 more to do before I can join them for another little baby afghan.
I have to prep another waiting room work before Monday.

Did I mention a Norwegian still holds the yellow jersey in Tour de France? :-)
I did not get to watch today, but tomorrow is another day, and I will spend it here in the sewing corner.



Siri said...

Hei. Alltid moro å finne noen som er like "gal" etter håndarbeide som meg selv:-) Her var det mye fint! Hilsen Siri

Chookyblue...... said...

lol............I have been watching the news and hearing a Norwegian is doing well.........everytime they talk about it I think of you and MayBritt and your tour de fibre

May Britt said...

And you were so lukcy having sun all day.

Anonymous said...

I do love your crocheted blocks for the baby afghans! Very pleasing color combinations!

And congrats on still holding the yellow jersey! Yippee!