Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Sunday stitches

P1040419The blue baby afghan is done, and now I just need to rinse and block the 2 afghans.
It has to wait until I can walk stairs again though.
DH is good at doing laundry, but the more special missions are more for me than for him.


Tomorrow is another waiting room day, and I will hopefully know more about when the cast can come off by the end of the day. You see I have started a new little preemie hat as a grab and go project for tomorrow.
Cross your fingers for me please!

P1040415Miss Cat and DD2 were having a playful moment together :-)

P1040418I am about to prep more BOM blocks.

Tour de France - Norway has now lost the yellow jersey, but our man did the right thing when a bad accident happened - waiting to see how his friends were doing!



May Britt said...

I cross my fingers and hope the cast will go off tomorrow!!!!!

simplestitches said...

good luck with your doctors visit..I hope everything goes well and the cast is off!
cheers Julz

Pam said...

Good luck with the news about the cast

Angela said...

Your afghan is gorgeous!