Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not so much going on

P1040314A summer flu took most of my week, but now I am back at it again :-)
I lack 2 blocks stitchery wise, quite a lot of applique and a lot of machine piecing.
I love the look of this project though, so I will keep on keeping on!


A strawberry preemie hat, for Amandaprosjektet.
I did the cast on in a waiting room in the beginning of the week. These hats are nice carry around projects.
I have named these berry hats Loveberries :-)
May they warm both the wee owners and their parents where they come!
Now I am out of started knitting projects, but I am still well stocked on yarn - I will make more Loveberries.



Laila said...

I'm so glad you are back... Your My garden looks great ..
Hugs :-))

May Britt said...

You have done a lot on My Garden :)
Well done !

Susan said...

Sorry to hear that you were not feeling so perky..... Same thing here. I simply MUST get some stitching done........

Glad to see that you got a stitch or two in place.

Feel better soon.

Katie said...

Glad you are feeling better! :-)

ria vogelzang said...

Great strawberry-hats! ;)0 I just had to smile; they look so cute!
And you made some lovely stitcheries! Such a sweet style!
Enjoy your sunday!

bodil said...

My Garden blir kjempefin! Min ligger her ferdig stitchet, men har ikke begynt å sy log-cabin enda. Har ikke helt bestemt meg for hvordan jeg skal gjøre det. Det blir nok et høstprosjekt :-)