Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where to start ?

I know I am behind on my blogging and it is getting worse day by day, so please bear with me. Give me a couple of days and I will be up to speed again :-)

I am going through my camera cards and trying to catch up in chronological order.


You remember  we are having an on-going challenge, May Britt, Bente and I ?
We have a challenge for every time the 3 of us meet.
You might think we are living close to each other, but we are not, so the 3 of us do not meet in person all at once very often.

The last challenge was given by Bente, and it reads:
Some say the bigger the better. I say mini.


The Show & Tell was in Tromsø, in my hotel room, in March.
Bente made the lovely bell pull, May Britt the mini quilt and I the cell phone pouch with stitchery and plug hole for the ear phones :-)

The next challenge is given by May Britt and is due in summer.

Heartfelt Friendship is the challenge. I still have my thinking cap on :-)
I also have to make the next challenge.



Stina said...

Härliga arbeten....:0)
Är så skoj att se vad ni hittar på i era utmaningar!!!
Lycka till med nästa!

May Britt said...

Har nok fremdeles tenkehetta på jeg også. Trodde jeg visste hva jeg skulle lage, men ikke nå lenger :)