Sunday, March 20, 2011

More impressions from the NQF weekend

P1030707Temptations of all kinds are in all of the shops present :-)
These are from Quiltegården.

P1030708P1030709P1030710P1030711A lovely Dear Jane quilt is on display at Husfliden, Tromsø

P1030713P1030715P1030719Goodies from Kathrines Quilte Stue.
Note the 2 different Pies and Tarts colourways – they both are lovely :-)

P1030720The above quilt is so nice – I bought the kit from Quiltefryd :-)


And here, some temptations from Lappemakeriet.

See you later – I am wandering off with my camera again :-)



Margit said...

Fantastisk flotte tepper! Skulle vore i Tromsø no... veldig kjekt at du blogger derifrå, så får en ett glimt iallefall :)

ranette said...

I loved seeing all of the pretty quilts Hanne. Thank you for sharing some inspiration.

Yvette said...

What a wonderful show! Thank you for sharing.


Åh, jeg er helt syk av ikke å være i Tromsø. Jeg har nok kortere vei dit enn dere andre. ALLE jeg kjenner er der. Sukk!

Helen said...

thanks for sharing your impression of the NQF weekend. All those lovely temptations. Some brilliant quilts on display. If only I had more time to quilt (lol).

Stina said...

OJ OJ... so much EYE CANDY!!! :o)

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Hei og takk for sist! Du har nok kommet deg vel hjem nå... snakkes :)

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Hanne... Thanks for sharring... Sure wish I was there... I could spend some serious cash... Lovely quilts... :)