Sunday, January 30, 2011

A fun day were had by all


Yesterday my quilt guild had its first care quilts sew together.
We were 15 happy quilters gathered for 6 hours, and it was great fun!




Some cut fabrics, some made blocks, some made quilt tops, some ironed, some machine quilted.


We will have at least one more sew together before summer, and I am so looking forward to participate!


I am now done with machine quilting my 3 care quilt tops, and here is the first finish, binding and all :-)
1 down and 2 to go, and then I will start making more care quilts kits for myself.
I know I will make one more black and orange kit - the quilt looks good now it is done :-)



Bjørg said...

Flotte tepper! Det må ha vært en trivelig dag!

Sigrun said...

bra jobba Hanne. Og jammen har dere fått sydd mye.

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Effektive damer :) - det ble en kul quilt i svart og oransje!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Hanne... It is wonderful to get together and make quilts for a good cause.... The quilts came out beautiful... I enjoy making quilts for a good cause .... :)

Katie said...

What lovely bright quilts. They will be appreciated!

Gudveig said...

Så flinke dere er!