Monday, January 31, 2011

A challenge to myself :-)


2nd start is the best, isn't it ?? ;-)

I am, as you know, very fond of sampler quilts and the Civil War era, and I am restarting The Civil War Love Letter Quilt today.
I made the first block last year, in June, but for some unknown reason the project just came to a halt, and the book got accidentally put away. Out of eye, out of mind, sort of.

Well - here is my challenge to myself:
Over the next 2 months I will do an average of 1 block a day, starting tomorrow, February 1st, and letting these 3 blocks (2 done today) count in as support for busy days :-)

I did my Nearly Insane quilt like that, as a challenge to myself, and I think I am very ready for another sampler quilt challenge!
I will not do the blocks in chronological order - I like to do them bingo style, like I did my DJ quilt and the NI quilt - doing whatever block calling my name as I open the book.

The working title is Civil War Love Letter goes to Japan.
I will use Japanese fabrics mixed with other fabrics.

lovecl6Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. General George S. Patton



May Britt said...

Love your idea with one block each day. I know you will make it.

Mary Ann said...

Good luck with this beautiful quilt, Hanne! I also have the book and can't wait to start mine one day, as well!!!
Keep us posted!!!

Quilterbee said...

I loved your DJ and your NI quilts. The Nearly Insane author has a book called Just Plain Nuts. It could be your daily project for next year. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the Civil War Love Letter blocks.

Satu said...

I'm looking forward to see more of your Japanese style CWLoveLetters! It would be marvellous quilt!!!

Ctextiles said...

good luck with your challenge!
one block a day, whaouou! I couldn't do it myself! but you can do it !
Marie (france)

Tamera said...

Wow! A block a day is quite the challenge. I'll be cheering you on!

Bodil said...

Lykke til - det skal bli moro å følge dette prosjektet ditt. Kjenner jeg deg rett så kommer du nok i mål denne gangen også!

Brigitte said...

can't wait to see you blocks coming! Your work is always excellent. I'm doing my DJ in taupe fabrics too - greetings from not soooo cold Germany Brigitte

Berit said...

Jeg misunner deg gå-på viljen din til store prosjekter.
Jeg har 6 blokker liggende fra Dear Jane kurset....
Men de går jo ikke sin vei. Regner med at teppet er ferdig innen høsten. Jeg ønsker deg lykke til, og syntes du er kjempeflink.