Thursday, July 22, 2010

More about fluttering and other things.

I am stitching away, and this is the last unit in block # 7 done.
It is my 4th finished block.

I am jumping around among the blocks, so they are not finished from 1 to 9, like others might do ;-)

When I saw one of my outdoor flower beds I know why I like the colours of Butterfly Garden :-)



Someone is taking R&R very serious around here :-)
We have had some very wet and windy days.
It is still to windy to sit outdoors on my veranda.


Remember the piles of blocks I have shown you recently ?
The top is done, pieced and stitched, and it is now at my machine quilter Merete's :-)

Tuesday I attended Kaffelappen quilt café at Lappemakeriet - a wonderful place to get a well needed refill of Vitamin Q.
Sigrun brought her wonderful scrappy Dresden Plate quilt to show.

In deep concentration !

More show & tell.


Another finished unit, and block #4 nearly done.



Another unit ,and block # 6 nearly done



If you are doing this quilt, and you are not yet done with block # 5, you can see that unit # 6 is turned the wrong way.

I have paid so close attention to the right direction of the units through the quilt, but the pattern has some glitches, and I forgot to check this one before stitching away, just following the pattern with closed eyes.
It is as it is - and I will live to tell the tale  ;-)
Redoing it is NO option!

The last 2 blocks, not yet prepped.
I think I am ready for some appliqué very soon!



Sølvi's blog said...

Her går det unne med butterfly'en. Den blir flott. Ser ut som dere har det veldig koselgi på kaffetreff på Lappemakeriet - misunnelig - JA!

Chookyblue...... said...

great progress on your quilt.............whats wrong with the blocks??

Mari said...

Hele verden over er det nok blokk #5 med den lille feilen på... :)

Jeanne said...

You're making great progress on your butterflies! Love the cat photos, too. It's amazing the positions they come up with when they're sleeping.

Mary Ann said...

Your BG blocks are great, Hanne!
So very pretty!!!

Ellen said...

nydelige arbeider du har gjort Hanne ...sommerklem Ellen

2ne said...

Koselige blokker du har laget. Ser du har electric quilt 7 og at du har brukt dette tidligere. Jeg var så heldig og vant denne i mai og prøver meg fram litt, men det er jo ting man lurer på. Kan jeg ev. få spørre deg om litt hjelp her???? Ha en fin dag :-)

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Bra fart i sommerfuglene dine ser jeg ;)

LuAnn said...

You are doing great on the Leanne's House blocks. Glad to see you post again and nice to get your email.