Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday report

I know, I know - I had other things on my to do list today, but I felt rebellious ;-)
This week's blocks is done then, but I can not help it - I am hooked!
It is fun that others also have dug out their Butterfly Garden blocks and are working along with May Britt and myself!
Like one thing often leads to another, one block some days leads to another too!
And sometimes - 3 is the number……..
This unit is quite stitch intensive though, so it will be spread over several days.
It's here - EQ7!
I have installed the upgrade, but not yet have the time to look closer at what is changed and upgraded.
I have had this software since December 1999, from EQ4, and it is a well used tool here. I use my EQ all the time :-)



KleivasiDA said...

kor flinke du er ;)
og minner meg på at eg også har noen sommerfugler

smil fra monika

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You have received your new version, let me know what you think of are on a roll with your blocks..they look great

Farm Girl said...

Your blocks are looking great. Love your fabrics, I have some of those pretty Winsome fabrics in my pile for BG too.

toja said...

Jeg skal si du har fått fart på sommerfuglene dine! Jeg har kommet i gang jeg også, men tviler på om jeg kan matche ditt tempo :o)

Flittige hender said...

Så nydelig....lykke til videre, her går det unna. God sommer :0)

Rose Marie said...

Love to see your progess on those blocks .... soon, soon it will be done.

Regarding your EQ software programs .... do you still keep all the upgrades in the computer or have your deleted any earlier ones. I have EQ 5, 6 and now 7 and am starting to run out of space.