Friday, June 18, 2010

Quilt guild trip

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Every year my quilt guild has a day trip for the members. It is not an old tradition, but a good one, nevertheless :-)

This year we travelled over the border to Sweden and Lapp-Elisa's newly moved shop.
The old school in her village is now her home and her shop.

Temptations galore :-)
Nicely packed in see through bags and rolled in tempting rolls.

A lot of patterns to choose from too !
P1060088  P1060090
Standing in line to pay in a quilt shop is so much better than standing in line in the grocery shop ;-)

Elisabeth, the shop owner, who is Norwegian by the way,  gave a speech on how she started quilting, how she moved to Sweden ( love off course), and how she started the shop and how it has grown to be the great shop it is today.
She also takes international orders, just so you know :-)

Elisabeth had a lot of inspiration to share while we enjoyed a Swedish smorgasbord :-)





What did I buy?
Lovely, lovely, lovely :-)



Siddis-in-houston said...

Så gøy med quilt shopping tur! Neste gang får dere ta en tur over hit til "Quilters paradise"!
Happy Quilting!

Mary said...

It sounds just like I was talking about on my blog. To have a work/living space in a old building!

Disaster Diva Debbie said...

I am so glad you had a lovely time!

May Britt said...

Quilt trips like this is so fun. Good friends and lovely buyings.

Kirsten said...

Takk for sist!
It was a lovely trip eventhough the weather wasn't! I read your title as "Quilt Guilt Trip" at first lol... but I managed not to overspend so I'm safe!

Laila said...

Hi. Thanks for showing,I'm going to visit this shop soon. :-)
You got your self some great buyings.:-)

Kate said...

Så ut som dere hadde en kjempeflott tur :-). var hos Elisabeth for 2 år siden i de gamle lokalene. Tror jeg må over grensen snart:-)