Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas days


Merry Christmas - God Jul - to all!
I hope you have had a lovely celebration!

In my area we have not had this much snow falling in so few days since 1973 - that is quite a while……

This is my veranda, filled to the brim with snow, and you can see it is hanging from the roof too.
Never wish for a white Christmas - you may get what you wish for!
It was not me sending that wish though - promise !! ;-))

I don't think I ever got this many quilty gifts for Christmas :-)

I am sitting here enjoying my morning tea, with a very soft scarf around my neck - life is Good !




May Britt said...

Looks like both you and me have been nice girls this year.

Monika said...

opppssss.... det var mye sne :)
så det spørs om du må låne snø engelen min - men no lava det ned her og -
fortsatt go jul til deg og dine

Anonymous said...

You painted a nice "picture" for us this morning! I think that is nice you got so many nice gifts, but may you only needed about half that amount of snow...LOL. Happy sewing!

Pat said...

It looks like you had a lovely day. Happy New Year!

Tamera said...

Where in Norway do you live? My husband's family is from Egersund area.

siv hege said...

Her har snøfreseren takket for følge, flott timing... Fortsatt god jul :)

Cindy P said...

Do I spy a new Hitty sitting back there??

Oh, Hanne, you can keep all that snow for yourself, thank you very much!

StarQuilt said...

Hei Hanne. Fortsatt God Jul. Takk for koselig hilsen på bloggen min. Ser dere har bra med snø dere og. Men det er jo dette som er vinter eller? Ha en forsatt god mellomjul, og vi sees sikkert til neste år. Klem fra Kjerstin.

2ne said...

Masse flotte gaver du har fått. Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin jul.