Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mini class at my guild tonight

This was the class sample - a toothpick keeper - pocket /purse size

Kitty and I had everything ready to roll - glue stick, scissors, thread and needle + the kit we all could buy at the guild, containing thin cardboard, thin batting and fabrics.


We both enjoy having nice clean teeth, so we finished the project and stocked it with our favourite toothpicks, the plastic kind.

This is row 6 on my hexagon quilt, ready to be joined.
12 hexagons to go - I have to redo a couple of the background ones, due to an accident I can tell you about some other time.



May Britt said...

That was a smart toothpick keeper. Always fun to make such small things.

ria vogelzang said...

Hope the accident wasn't destroying anything more..... The hexagons are lovely. I'm also working with the litlle hexagons. It's such fun to do.

Kathie said...

oh love that idea of a toothpick holder I just use a plastic bag!
I have to ask what kind of toothpicks are those they look great, mine I get at the grocery store and they are so thin these look like that have substance to them and would last while I applqiue a block!

julieQ said...

Very cute small project...I love these! I really like your progress on your hexagons.

Anonymous said...