Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stitch by stitch, unit by unit

10 units done in 10 days - not bad - even if 2 of the units have nothing but a rose fabric in the middle :-)

This is the best part of block # 2 and block # 3.
I will keep the units up on my bedroom door until they are done. They better act as part of the living room decoration for a while :-))

After learning Lynette’s appliqué method I am hooked on appliqué. I have to prep some more blocks for the evening.

22 units down - 59 to go!



Suze said...

You have surely been busy.

I keep looking at your Hexagon quilt. So far I have resisted starting another one until I finish at least one that I have started.

I have been learning to hand quilt for the past two weeks. I am getting better. I think of you and Tilde as I am only able to give handquilting 30 minutes each day.

Lappetausa said...

You have made some very interesting blog posts! I'm so glad I could join you at least one day, even though it was a day with pain for me, I felt very good having been there!
I'm impressed by Åse's quilts! And with this speed, you'll finish some of your BOMs before x-mas...!

Anne said...

Well done for completing those 22 units. I'm waiting for my daughter to go away next week and I'm hoping to get lots done then as its a surprise for her. Keep going - you can do it!