Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The best invention since sewing thread :-)


I have always liked the look of the button hole stitch, but not the process, as I have always found it hard and very time consuming to do the stitch so it will stay in place and look good, with no flipping over.

The day before yesterday I saw Lynette Anderson tutorial on her 2 step stitch and yesterday I had to try it out - with GREAT success :-)
Unit 8 on Butterfly Garden BOM, block #2 done.

And joined to unit 9


Unit 5 on block #2
Straight lines, curves and turns - no sweat - and I am convinced forever!
This is the stitch I will use from now on.

Thanks Lynette :-)



Jackie said...

Looks terrific!

Lappetausa said...

Dette blei jo fint! Er det fleire typar applikasjon i dette teppet? Eg må prøve meg på desse stinga, eg syr dei nemleg motsatt veg...

Merete said...

Takk for god link! Kanskje håp om at jeg kommer videre også. Har ikke klart å bestemme meg for hvordan jeg skal applikere på dette teppet:-)

Loretta said...

Hanne...thank you for posting this method. I am working on an applique butterfly block...with buttonhole stitch around. It is coming out beautifully. Love this method...it is coming out so smooth.

Anne said...

Takker for fin link med gode tips! Fikk studert den nå, og skal prøve :)

Mary Ann said...

Hanne, thanks so much for sharing Lynette's great Blanket Stitch tutorial! I really enjoyed learning a new way of doing this stitch!
Your blocks are looking great, BTW!!
:o) Mary Ann