Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hexagons enjoyed


It is very nice to do a project simultaneously with friends :-)

Bente and I are both working on Lappemakeriet’s BOM.
Bente is doing English paper piecing on her main project, and hand sewing on the line  on a mirror imaged version.


Here is her first 2 rows, joined yesterday.


Here is a sneak peak of a pile of her finished hexagons  and her neatly organized sewing kit :-)

Here is a glimpse of my  hexagons :-)

I think I will start joining row 1 today, in a minute.

My math for  the full quilt in an earlier post is totally off - it is a long time since I had math in school - and I did not count several of the joiner hexagons and edge half hexagons - hehehe

However - I am a long way from finished anyway, and I am enjoying every stitch :-))



May Britt said...

These quilts are going to be wonderful, and I am a bit green of envy :)

sjoko said...

En god bok kan ikke være lang nokk, kanskje det samme gjelder med en quilt?
Lykke til med sammensyingen ;o)

Cyn ;-) said...

Hexies are so much fun to make. Are you using Inklingo to construct your GFG blocks, or English PPing?
I love your colors, Hanne. Please do keep us posted on your progress.

Elins systue said...

Du verden for et arbeid og fint blir det

Annemariesquilt said...

Tolmodighets prosjekt på gang skjønner jeg... Lykke til!!

XUE said...

I hand-pieced for the first time last week & it's hexagons too so I'm excited to read your post here!!! Greetings from Tokyo!