Friday, May 01, 2009

Care quilts galore :-)


Here are the quilts that are handed in at Bente’s guild since New Year, included the 15 quilts that were handed in last nigth.


Jackie said...

That is excellent and they are all beautiful!

Anne Ida said...

What a lovely display! There will be a lot of happy kids out there!

Hope you girls are having lots and lots of fun!

Big hugs

Merete said...

SÅ utrolig mange flotte tepper, ekstra flott å få de "utstilt" på denne måten i fri luft.

Anne said...

Så flotte tepper! Ser ut til at dere har det supert i finværet : )

Pat said...

WOW! That's wonderful.

Jeanne said...

You gals did great work! I'm sure whoever the recipients of the quilts are, they will cherish them.