Monday, February 23, 2009

Just like chocolate :-)


I never liked doing hexagons since the prep work is so slow with my stiff fingers.
I tried to overcome that when I signed up for this BOM from Lappemakeriet, but already doing the first flower I thought American piecing must be more productive for me than English Paper Piecing.

Prepping the hexagons for American piecing is fairly fast and the hand sewing process is very nice :-)
It is just like chocolate – I want to do more!!
These 5 flowers are the first packet of the BOM. Can you believe I am actually before schedule ?? hehehe

Lappemakeriet is very good with sending the packets at the same time every month, so I can wait for the next packet next week.

I know for sure I will do the star BOM from last year the same way – American hand piecing!



Stina said...

I love the colours ... mmm...just like chocolat...perfect..:o)

Sigrun said...

Hei. er det ikke deilig at en har levd så lenge og har så mye erfaring at en enkelt og greitt velger den metoden som passer en best. Blir spennende å se hvordan denne blir, masse blomster eller...

Anne Heidi said...

Så fine de er :) Nydelige bruntoner :)


Dette var berre nydeleg!!

ranette said...

Very much like chocolate. I love the hexagons.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Very nice, but I'd rather just have the chocolate! Piecing little pieces like that just isn't my thing, but I sure do love watching other people do it!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh very pretty! I love it! But how does american piecing differ from english piecing? Never knew there was a difference!

Catherine said...

Oh, how pretty -- looks like chocolate and caramels to me!

Lynn S said...

Can you share the difference between English and American paper piecing? I know English--but haven't heard of American. Love your site...the first blog that I found on quilting and have since found many, many more!

ale balanzario said...

your work looks great, love chocolate color you choose.

I like to work with hexagons,.

May Britt said...

Er nok enig med deg at å sy sammen the american way er mye bedre. Er heller ikke så glad i paperpiecing.
Så pie and tart mønsteret blir nok sydd sammen på denne måten ja.

Anne said...

Dette blir vakkert :)

davidb said...

Your chocolate flowers are lovely.
May I suggest Inklingo.It is a way of printing ultrafine lines (that do not show on the front)on the wrong side of fabric. This is the fastest way I know to prepare hexagons (and other shapes as well) before Amercican piecing them. You can have thousands prepared in a very short time. It's perefct for hand piecing but it is also great for machine piecing.
If you google "inklingo", you'll find information about it. There's also a collective blog showing different projects made using that method. It's :
It's Linda Franz, also author of Quilted diamonds, who invented this technique, which is, I think, the best invention since the rotary cutter!
I've had so much fun since I started using Inklingo that I like to share it.
Have a great day,
David (from France)