Sunday, February 01, 2009

Enough green string blocks for now!

These blocks are wonderful for warming up for other quilting tasks :-)

Now I have 24 of these green blocks - a fourth of the 96 blocks I have on my goal list for February.

I have somewhat made a dent in my dated green fabrics, even if it is not the biggest dent, more like a nibble maybe ;-)

Several people have generously offered me their scraps and strips - thanks, but not thanks - I have scraps in abundance right here, and am sure I can keep it going for a long long time with what I have at hand :-)

Choosing the next color for the next batch of 24 string blocks - purple or pink ?? I think pink.......maybe :-)


Elin "The quilt maiden" said...

Jøss kor flittig du er med pedalen no!

Lise in Norway said...

Ja, ja jeg tror ikke jeg henger med på ditt tempo. Men nå skal jeg gjøre ferdig Elverum quilten :-)

Mary said...

I'm with you - I certainly don't need any to send me scraps either. I realize just how far a little fabric goes when I play in my strings.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see! The purples and greens aren't going together, but in separate quilts. Okay, I understand.