Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 finishes :-)

This winter I have been very busy with secret projects. I must admit that blogging wise that is no success......
Secret project # 2 is now ready to go in the mail, finally !!
I am not at liberty to show it to you yet, but by the end of May I can.

The other project is an embroidery kit I bought in 2002 as a tryout for different stitches before I started my National Costume, Kystdrakten.

The finished embroidery got “filed” and now it is done!

If you like this kind of embroidery, the kit is from Rowandean.

Now to enjoy myself with Dear Jane blocks, kaleidoscope blocks and more :-)

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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Your National Costume is lovely! Is it made out of wool? I would love to have one since my ancestors are from Norway!

Pat said...

OMGosh Hanne, your finish is lovely.

Lise in Norway said...

I love these embroidery. HAve made some my self too.
You need to find a nicee place to hang tis one Hanne

Barbara said...

By accident I found your lovely blog when looking for patchwork. I've been a "silent" reader for weeks now. As I am a newbie in the domaine of patchwork and quilting, I am very much interested to see what real "artists" are creating. You have wonderful and beautiful creations done!!

Mari said...

I loooooove Rowandean! I stumbled across their kits 15 years ago, and am running out of space on my walls now.....