Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thimbles galore

Earlier this week I received this lovely gift from Elin - a wonderful piece of fabric and a thimble from her trip to Spain this summer.

My DD1 visited Barcelona, Spain, this summer, and she brought me these 4 beautiful thimbles + Happy Pills - lovely multicoloured sweets - as the label says: Pink clouds for grey days.

My friend Sissel gave me these 2 thimbles when she visited this summer.

My brother in law helped someone clear and clean a house a while ago. He found this thimble, and got it to give to me.
When I cleaned it I found out that it is silver. I have to find an old tooth brush to clean it better some other day.


2ne said...

Flotte fingerbøl du har fått. Gøy og samle på slike små.......

Lissa Jane said...

wow... what a haul for a week of thimble collecting..

I use washing soda and aluminium foil to clean my silver with.. I wrap the washing soda inside the tin foil and place it in warm water, the washing soda fizzes all the gunk away.. I learn this trick off a silversmith (the thimblelady).. she might have instructions on her site, which is I think..


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

That silver thimble is the most beautiful thimble I've ever seen! How lucky you are!

Do you collect any thimbles? Or only certain kinds?