Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stitchers' Angel Swap gift received

Yesterday I received my Stitchers' Angel Swap gift, from Anna in Hungary :-)

I wish I could read Anna's blog, but it is in Hungarian only, and I could not find anywhere on the internet translating from Hungarian to English.
I have enjoyed her photos though :-)

The black table runner was also included.
I think it is traditional Hungarian embroidery ?
Anna's friend have made the buttons - they are cute.

DH is looking forward to taste the chocolate - he loves foreign chocolate!

Thank you very very much for your generous gift Anna :-)

My secret swap friend has only received part 1 of her gift yet - I hope to send the rest of the gift(s) this upcoming week :-)


nana56 said...

Yes, the black table runner is traditional Hungarian embroidery.

hortenzita said...

Try this translater:
(Click on the arrow to translate from Hungarian (magyar) to English (angol).)
500 characters only for a time.

KicsiKató said...

It's so funny... I'm the third Hungarian girl here after nana and hortenzita:) I wanted to help you with the translation, but Zita passed me:)

So what else could I say?:) Hugs from Hungary:) (ps.: Boci is my favourite local chocolate:)))