Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colourful indoors, dull outdoors

It is a grey and dull day outdoors, but not indoors :-)

I am working on another Stitchers Angel gift, and now the stitchery is done.
The pattern is from Australian Homespun, designed by Bronwyn Hayes, one of my favourite designers.
Nope - I am not making the Christmas quilt as a gift, but I might make it for myself some day :-)

The postman brought me this lovely gift today, from Darlene, Quilting Daze.

Thank you ever so much Darlene!!
This little tote is so cute and I will enjoy using it!

The postman also brought this book, Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin, by Sara Nephew with Marci Baker.

I ordered it in July, as a pre-order, from USA, so I have eagerly looked in the mailbox lately.

The rulers I had from before.
Katleen Springer, who also sew for Sara Nephew, taught me how to use the 60 degree ruler before the ruler officially was available in Norway.
Katleen is a very skilled quilter and teacher - I have enjoyed what I learnt from her again and again over the years.

I have more of the Not Your Grandmother's............ books - I love them all.


May Britt said...

Oh....can't wait to come home and look in my mailbox. I know Darlene have posted one for me too :)

JudyL said...

Love your angel! I may have to search for that Australian Homespun magazine. The cover looks quite interesting. I had a dinner last night with Cindy from KS and your name came up. She told me she had met you at Shipshewana and I was jealous!

LuAnn said...

Hi Hanne I love your angel stitchery. I was lucky enough to find the Christmas issue of the Australian Homespun magazine even here in Indiana. I would love to make the stitchery quilt there, but I'm keeping on with the Nearly Insane blocks so I will have that one finished soon.

Catherine said...

What alot of lovley things!! Your stitchery looks very cute...what do you plan to do with it?? CAthyx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hanne your stitchery is just lovely, you do beautiful work..and your bag from Darlene just gorgeous, so thoughtful..and all the bags on the previous post..wow...

trelly said...

Hi Hanne, if you visit my blog again, you have a translator to english on the rigth...the spanish is wonderful! jajajajajaja. Thanks for your wishes

Shasta said...

A lovely mail day indeed. The stitchery looks so pretty, a lovely, useful bag, and a great book.

Linda said...

Oooo... can't wait to see what you make!

Megan said...

Hanne - I wanted to make you aware that several errors have come to light in the instructions for Bronwyn Hayes' Wish Quilt since the three issues of the magazine were published. We will be including the corrections in a flyer in the November issue (Vol 9 No 11) and printed on a page in the magazine in the December issue (Vol 9 No 12). However, you don't need to wait until then - the corrections have been uploaded on to the publisher's website. Go to www.completecraft.com.au Click on the Corrections tab.
Megan Fisher
Technical Editor
Australian Homespun