Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seam by seam

I planned to show you the Snowman quilt with better colours than the first photo, but I liked this photo better :-)
DD2 and I were enjoying ourselves, and even if the sun was shining, it was cold, and comfortable to wrap in a quilt.
Did I mention my new beautiful purple Hortensias froze to death the other day ? Yes, we are having below 0 degrees C at night now - brrrr........

This is my current focus project - The Town and City quilt - from EQ - group project with two friends.
The blocks are huge - 5" x 5", 5" x 10" and so on.
We have all enjoyed the joined effort to complete our own quilts, even if we all think the project turned out to big.
I will give my quilt as a care quilt to children with long term diseases when it is done.
My DD1, age 20, said that this quilt will be perfect as a play quilt for a Barbie mum, with houses, streets, flowers (to come) and all.
Good idea !!
So far I have stuck to my May plan of working on what I have around here.
Go Me ! :-)


Carin said...

adorable pic with DD!
I love the town and city quilt it will be beautiful!

Ulla said...

Really nice representation of snowman quilt! My easter lilies (yellow daffodils) froze about a month ago, and now I keep an eye on my Mother's Day geranium and the temperature.
The Town and City quilt looks very nice and will be a wonderful donation!

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Denne byen blir kjempefin! Og jenta og juleteppet var ein flott kombinasjon.

Willeke said...

What a lovely quilt en even your DD2 is more lovely than that!!!
Greetings from the Netherlands,