Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday blocks

2 more blocks done, so now, day 5 in January, 4 blocks. I am slowly catching up :-)
Who can resist this furry helper ??
I emptied a zip lock bag of small scraps on my desk to do the strip block to the left.
My beloved grand-cat liked the look of the pile and I think she had an urge for close company and belly cuddles.

I wonder who will be nearly insane from seeing these red and white blocks first - you or me? LOL


Wenche said...

Hanne, I told you that you will get it ready in time :-)

Tazzie said...

You're going great guns with your NI blocks, and they're looking just wonderful. You must have an impressive stash of red and white fabric, I'm sure I'd have run out by now!

Christine said...

Thank you for welcoming me to the land of blogs. I am looking forward to seeing your NI quilt - the blocks look lovely. Grand-cat looks very cute and cuddly.

Susan said...

I'm certainly not tired of looking at them! The cat is too funny! =)

I'm writing a post now and giving you the Make My Day Award.

Sigrun said...

Har aldri vært i tvil om at du kommer til å rekkke det med god margin. Og for en flott quilt det kommer til å bli. Nydelige farger og arbeidet er jo utført mesterlig. Klem

nicky said...

Good luck with your NI quilt- it looks like quite a challenge! What a great choice of fabrics though

May Britt said...

We love to see these blocks. You even made me want to start collecting red and white fabrics :)

Sweet P said...

I love to see your NI blocks. Each and everyone of them is gorgeous.

The Silver Thistle said...

Those are fab blocks! It'll not be me that tires of seeing them first, lol.

I always think the mark of a truly 'creative type', is that there's usually a cat sprawled over ever project, hahaah.

We lost our beloved orange cat almost a year ago to the day, after 15 years of her lolling around on all my projects.

Miss her terribly still, so it's lovely to visit the cat owners blogs and see thier little friends 'helping' with the creativity.