Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh Advent joy

How lucky am I - receiving an Advent calendar from May Britt today :-)
1 packet every Sunday through Advent.
Packet # 1 was full of already prepped stitcheries!

Thank you May Britt - what an absolutely lovely treat !

I have to speed up on a couple of other finishes so I can enjoy these stitcheries to the max.
If you see a pair of dangling feet passing your windows, it is only me, full speed, getting ready to enjoy my Advent stitcheries !

Perfect for the early morning quiet moment stitching :-)


julieQ said...

I am glad you love your gift! What a fun time of year!


May Britt said...

Enjoy your calender!! And no peaking on the other gifts before you are allowed to open them LOL

Nancy in Norway said...

I think it's so much fun with Advent calendar even if we are "grown up". I sure enjoy mine. Mom and I have swapped Advent gifts for the last 10 years!

quiltorstitch said...

How fun! What a great giftie too :D

Susan said...

What a great idea to send stitcheries all ready to do!

Elin said...

You and May Britt are having a lot of fun, I envy you....
But I was sooo happy to hear that you are coming to Regionstreffet at Nordfjordeid after all. I'll ask to drive you to and from the airport (which is in my area). Have a nice weekend!