Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday morning - plans for the day

Good morning to you :-)

Here you see what will keep me busy today - joining these blocks and work at good speed to finish the top and piece the backing.
I took this photo to see how the quilt will look and found 2 blocks turned wrong - now corrected.
The light is not very good right now so the photo is not to good.
I am looking forward to be able to take a better photo when the top is done.
I am a bit behind schedule as a nice visit took most of yesterday. If I can join the blocks, put on a narrow border and piece the backing during the day - before and after going for physiotherapy exercise and massage - I hope DH can help me spray baste the quilt in the evening.


Sølvi said...

Den blir kjempefin Hanne.
Hilsen Sølvi

dot said...

Very nice Hanne. You certainly are enjoying your new cell phone also.

Yvonne said...

Looking good Hanne!

Darlene said...

It's looking so pretty! Your friend will love it.

Elin said...

Så vakkert dette blir! Er det ein type Irish Chain? Kva storleik har du på rutene? Dette er berre lekkert, altså!!

Jeanne said...

Even in the low light, it's looking great. I look forward to seeing it when you have finished it.

Mary said...

These double 4 patches can be a little tricky to lay out correctly - I don't know why but I always have to be very careful when I'm putting one together, glad you found the error now rather than later!