Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yes !

A finish, a finish, even if it is small :-)
This is my third Leanne's House block done, and block # 4 in the quilt.
I see I have messed up one stitch, but I have done it all through the 3 blocks, so it is like it is.
I have used Lazy Daisy stitches as leaves on the all the flowers instead of LD stitches on the daisies and backstitches on the round pink flowers.
Who cares ? Not me. An artistic glitch ;-)

In Norway we have a saying about having it like a cow in green pastures when we have an excellent time.
Here you see that it goes for cats as well :-)
The cat was so happy when she could go out in the grass, running, catching bugs and just plain enjoy.
We are having a super wet summer so far, but Friday was fairly dry, with a glimpse of sun.
Our beloved grand-cat took full advantage :-)

I have been thinking and thinking, and I will pass on Judy's 1 hour a day challenge this time, even if I really like the pattern.
I will however work right next to you, 1 hour a day or more, with the projects I have at hand.
I do not need more projects right now, and I need some finishes soon.

Now to prep the next Leanne's House block and maybe re-connect with the Nearly Insane blocks.
Sounds like a good plan for today :-)


Karen said...

Oh, what a happy cat :-)

Vicky said...

Your block is gorgeous! And since there's no stitch police around, you can use whatever stitch you want on it!

Would love to see a picture with all three blocks together, please! I'm trying to pull fabrics for mine, and am not having good luck on that score!

It's beautiful, Hanne! You inspire me!

martha said...

Hi Hanne! Miss you! your block is lovely :) and I too am passing on ths months Hour a Day, even though I really like it. I like the cat in the pasture. Our cat thinks he is a mighty hunter!

Sweet P said...

Another great Leanne block! Your cat does look very content with life. I hope you got some stitching done today.

dot said...

Very nice quilt Hanne. Your work is excellant. I will keep you in mind working on your projects 1 hour a day as I am working on Judy's pattern. I hope to have the time but might have to play catch up at times.

Gail said...

Hooray for your lovely finish and for your self discipline of not being tempted to do a new project until you complete what is currently on your plate.

Laila said...

Hello. your Leanne block looks great. I cant wait to see them all put together.

Tazzie said...

Hey there Hanne, your stitchery blocks look just lovely. I'm loving the Leanne's House projects!

Lizzy said...

Hi Hanne,

I love your Leanne's House blocks. The patch work and the stitchery make a nice combo.


Littlepenpen said...

The block is beautiful! What size will the finished piece be? It is going to be one beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!

Suze said...

That project is moving along well. How clever of you to make it your own by changing the stitches.

JudyL said...

The main purpose is to get everyone to quilting an hour a day so you're doing good . . no matter what you're working on.

Darlene said...

Love that block! I might have to pull out Leanne's House to prep after I do a few more Quilter's Journey blocks. This is so much fun and great change of pace.

I'm wanting to do more and more handwork and step away from my machine for a while.