Saturday, April 28, 2007

An absolutely lovely Saturday

It has been a lovely day!

The Blue Trip took us to the shop in the little town where May Britt lives, approx. 2 hours from where I live.

The shop, Lille Stasjon (The Little Station) is very nice.
May Britt was teaching a class in the shop this Saturday but still had time to spend some time with us :-)

See her blog for a tutorial on the pincushion she was teaching today.


May Britt on the left and Sigrun on the right. Sigrun is the one who invited me to join in today. Thank you very much Sigrun!

I did not go overboard with the shopping - 6 pieces of 12" full width of fabric, 4 patterns, 1 booklet and a book with stitchery and patchwork. Not to forget a very cute cat pin in wood.
The booklet and the pattern to the left was marked down very much and was good buys :-)

Look what I got from May Britt as a birthday gift !!!!
I have been wishing for a pair of scissors this size for a long long time!
And see the lovely little clip it is attached too.
Thank you May Britt :-)


Nadine said...

I knew you would have a GREAT day, Hanne, and your treats are just the right choices ! (What a lovely shop !). Aaaah, May Britt is such a caring friend, with cute and clever presents... Enjoy !
I guess you'll sleep like a baby, tonight, dreaming about this wonderful day, your new fabrics, patterns, and true friends...

Hugs & smiles !
(who is finishing her pincushion ... Yesssss!)

Nemo said...

The patterns from Bareroots are always so fun to make - and also beautiful. :) I made the one on the left, the flutterby pillow, a couple of years ago (only, it ended up as a small wall quilt instead of a pillow), and it was really fun. :)

My mother works at Lille Stasjon, but she didn't work there today. Don't you just love that little shop - all filled and crammed with fabrics, patterns and inspiration? ;)

May Britt said...

It was so nice to meet you again Hanne. Enjoy your present and your purchases. And talking about that photo of me.......finally a photo that shows my weight loss :) LOL

Darlene said...

A happy day filled with lots of fun treasures and a wonderful birthday surprise! What else can a quilter ask for. :-)

Greenmare said...

sounds like a simply wonderful day! good for you!

Mary said...

I did some shopping today too. We had our HeartStrings retreat and took time out for lunch and a visit to the nearest quilt shop. Most of what I bought is for specific projects - borders/bindings/background but I did buy a big piece of blue just because it was the right shade to have on hand.

mreteveian said...

Så flott at turen ble hyggelig!
Takk for bilder av Sigrun og MayBritt.
Skikkelig bra kjøp du gjorde der.

Doodlebug Gail said...

What a lovely day you had - thanks for sharing your purchases with the rest of us and how nice to meet up with a good friend and get a gift at the same time!

Gail said...

Hooray! A wonderful day full of friends and fabric, how great that you are able to get out and about again!

Judy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and bought some wonderful things and received a wonderful gift! Love those little scissors!

gwen said...

I wish you a happy birthday a bit late! The blue trip is a great idea and it is well timed for a birthday party and presents. Have a lot of fun with them. I am looking forward to seeing the patterns in the make. Take care.

Linda_J said...

It is probably far too late to wish you a happy birthday but I hope you had a very good day--it sounds like it from your note.

What a fun trip you had--blue trip really fits!

Susan said...

What a great trip it sounds like you had. You didn't mention all the laughing and talking going to and from, but with 4 hours of driving, I'm sure there was a lot!

What cute little scissors, and how neat that you got to spend a little time with May Britt.

Anne said...

Looks like you had a great trip! Don't you just love that "marked down" room they have at Lille Stasjon? I think I could have bought the whole room, not to speak of everything in the shop *lol* Have lots of fun with your goodies!