Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pigs on parade

It is time for marzipan pigs, a well established Christmas tradition in Norway.
My local quilt guild had it Christmas meeting last night with a potholder challenge.
A pair of potholders with a Christmas motif gave a raffle ticket.
Many lovely potholders were on display.
I made mine with the gingerbread cookie cutter and it was fun.
I brought one pair for the challenge.
These potholders with matching tea towels are now in my Christmas gift pile.


Folkartist said...

What precious little piggies! And I'd like to bite into a yummy marzipan in any animal or fruit shape right now yum.

Judith said...

We have here marzipan with Sinterklaas the 5th od december.

Sandra said...

I'm not a real fan of marzipan myself, but the potholders and towels are so cute :-) It's interesting to hear of different traditions in other parts of the world.

mreteveian said...

Vi skal bake marsipan søndag, - gammel familietradisjon. Tror nok det blir noen griser da, men ikke i stekstil: Dine var søte!

Flotte julekort!

Shelina said...

Using a cookie cutter is a marvelous idea. These pigs are cute.