Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tonya's letter project

Tonya is generously sharing how to make letters, and here are mine, so far.
We who are participating have promised to make a donation quilt.
I have my favourite care cause, children with long term diseases.
We send our quilts to the Norwegian Quilt Association, who distributes them to different hospitals.

The colours are not coming through right. What looks like pale yellow is a pale yellowish green.
I first planned to use caterpillar gut green, but the green and the pink fought for attention, so a paler green did the trick.
This is great fun Tonya - thank you for sharing :-)

A quilter's life is a busy life, right ;-)

I have committed my time to
Judy's challenge
Tonya's project
and my own daily hour on a (stalled) project.

So far, so good - I am keeping up, and I am having fun, which is my main reason for quilting in the first place :-)


martha in ny said...

Love it~

Laurie Ann said...

That's looking good! I am going to try to do Tonya's project too. Those letters are fun!

JudyL said...

Looks good! That project keeps calling to me also. I may end up starting an "X and O" project too.

Judy L.

Nancy said...

You're doing great keeping up with all your challenges! I want to do the letters quilt too but I think I'd better finish Judy's and the Challenge I'm in with my sister first. Then I can start making X's and O's

Passionate Quilter said...

looking good! I'm doing this one too!

Samantha said...

they look great, and are sure to make a cilhd very happy!

Mama Koch said...

These look really good! Yes, I may jump on this one too. Looks easy enough and Tonya makes it look easy too.

Bonnie said...

Your X's and O'x are so cute. It really looks like fun to do.

Judy said...

Looks wonderful...Judy's and Tonya's projects so far!!

cher said...

doing great Hanne! oh, boy, do I need to get off the computer and to the machine-maybe tomorrow night...maybe is just so busy right now!

Tonya R said...

Wow, you did a GREAT job. All of your letters have character. Fabulous and it's going to a great cause.

Tazzie said...

Your x and o all look wonderful Hanne. I love the colours you've chosen. Good work keeping up with your challenges!

Shelina said...

You're doing a great job keeping up with everything. The xs and os are cute.

Finn said...

Really, really love the colors you chose for your X&O's...and they are looking great!