Saturday, August 05, 2006

Progress !

I am doing a happy Snoopy dance here - just for fun -
for being a quilter, for filling my goals today !

I started out doing one hour work on my nieces birthday gift, and then moved to the next stalled project, this pillow.
It got the rest of the day, and now it is done, buttoned backing and all.

This pattern is from Once Upon a Vine and it is from 1998.
I can remember buying it as I thought the block with the text and the embroidery was so cute.
This was a long time before stitchery became popular.
I still think the pattern is cute.
I started this pillow in late May, early June, and it was planned for my DSisIL's birthday.
It is a bit to bright to fit in her living room but will look perfect on her veranda or at her summer house.

Thanks to my personal challenge of 1 hour work on an Ufo or stalled project every day in August I have made progress on 2 projects today :-)

Unfortunately my iron made a ugly brown mark on the pillow so it is now washed and looks all right again.
My good iron died on me earlier this week, so I have used an old iron, which I now remember why I put away.
It is ok for ironing one shirt but left on for more than a short time it sort of leaks brownish steam.
I went out buying a new iron this afternoon.
I like the iron soles that can be scrubbed clean on need.
Using fusible web a good clean is needed every now and then, even if I am ever so careful.

Tomorrow I will keep on working on my niece's birthday gift +
my DD1's quilt. I need to join the rows on it and prepare it for machine quilting.
I like to alternate between 2 projects.
When alternating I do not get sidetracked so easily.
If I can get DD1's quilt done soon she will be very happy.

The little cat has visited here today and we will cat sit her 3 days next week.
She sure is very cute and she is a great helper with organizing and checking fabrics :-)


Shelina said...

Congratulations on finishing the pillow. It is really cute. I like to alternate projects too. And your goal of spending time with your stalled projects is also a very good one.

Linda_J said...

That turned out wonderfully and should work well in an airy or summery setting. Good for you getting your projects closer to completion.

I had a little curveball thrown my way but I'm still plugging.

Love that little furry face that is visiting with you--she is adorable.

Bonnie said...

Nice pillow - and will look great in a summer home.

That little kitty is adorable. What a sweet little face.

dot said...

cute pillow. Your sis in law will like it. Looks like you have been busy, the kitty is very cute also.

Mrs. Moody said...

That pillow turned out really cute! Great job!

Patti said...

Great progress with your goals Hanne. I love the way the little pillow turned out. It is so happy, bright and summery.

Norma said...

I love that pillow! Also, cute kitten!

ForestJane said...

Awww, what a CUTE little face the small cat has! She looks like she really enjoys the nice soft bed she's found for her nap. :)

And your pillow looks great too!

Nancy said...

Good for you sticking with your goal. I know to finish up some of my UFOs will take a similar commitment of a specific amoutn of time a day. But that will have to be another month as this one is "use up as much stash as I can" month.

Love the pillow. It's so bright and cheery and I can see it looking wonderful in a rocking chair on a veranda. :-)

And your little helper cat is so cute.

May Britt said...

Oh....your kitten is so cute. I would love to have her, but I think Frida (my cat) will not allow it.

Sweet P said...

I know you SIL will love the pillow. It is adorable. The kitten seems to have taken a liking to your quilt projects. I hope she doesn't start making a mess!

Gail said...

You are doing so well with your goals, the pillow will make a great gift.

quiltpixie said...

it'll be so nice to have the cat helper I'm sure :-)

EileenKNY said...

You gave me a lightbulb moment. I think when I do get to start sewing again, I'll try to follow your lead and work on 2 things so I don't go crazy with just one.
I love the pillow, and I'll bet whether it matches or not, your SIL will display it proudly.

computerpeach said...

cute pillow!

Rosanne said...

Congratulations on sticking to your goals! Your little kitty visitor is just adorable!

Finn said...

Hi Hanne, the pillow looks wonderful..*VBS* I love the embroidery and the saying. Great job making such good progress with your hour a day challenge! It sure seems to be working. Hugs,Finn

The Calico Cat said...

Aww what a snuggly kitty... She sure if fluffy! (Love the pillow and the napkin holder too.)

Sølvi said...

Åååå den pute vart kjempesøt!!!!!!

Judy said...

She's found her new home!!