Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quirky indeed

You Are a Peach Jelly Bean

You have a distinct style that you don't really have to work for. You're genuinely quirky, and people love your understated charm.

Me ? Quirky ? Me ??
I better get back to sewing ;-)


Linda_J said...

Silly surveys---I don't see the one that says chocolate or potato chips! Two things I want at the moment but seeing as I just peeled and diced some fresh peaches to try Karen's french toast recipe, maybe I'm a peach too.

bluerain said...

Distinct style---and understated charm (: I think these are you, Hanne

Bonnie said...

Don't know if you are quirky or not, but you certainly have charm!

Laurie said...

LOCE the craps galore block! That's very COOL!!! I can hardly wait to see it finished!