Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Fun

A glass of chilled white vine, some jelly ladies and more than half of the blocks for DD1's quilt,
and a good time is had :-)

27 of the white double 4 patches and 4 of the purple double 4 patches are done, lacking 23 of the purple variation.
All the small 4 patches are done, so it is a matter of cutting more of the purple 4,5" squares and sewing them together.
I am in fact getting low on this shade of purple, so I hope I have enough for the big squares. If not I hope I can make it with mixing in something a bit different, as I hope to not buy anything. Time will show - a bit of excitement in a quilter's life ;-)

For those being curious about jelly ladies. These are soft jelly, fruit flavoured, covered in sugar. My favourite indeed !


Screen Door said...

In The U.S. the candy may be something like "Gummy Bears". We love them! Sounds like you're having a perfect day....I love trying to make something and seeing how far I can stretch without making a purchase. But sometimes even just to buy a fat quarter makes you feel good.
Enjoy your friday

The Calico Cat said...

If you want me to send you some purples just let me know... (I have plenty to share.)

quiltpixie said...

It's always a good exercise to see just how much improvisation can accomplish the goal without more fabric purchases... :-)

ForestJane said...

Now if those ladies were coated in chocolate, I might like them. :)

Linda_J said...

Like Gummy Bears or Orange Slices, I wonder??

I think you have friends who would throw in some purple you run low---just say the word.